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Bee Jeweled Coop


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We help suburban families manage daily care routines and space requirements for their backyard flocks by offering practical and charming chicken coop designs, along with the necessary tools for clean and inviting chicken-keeping.

Words from Our Treasured Builders

"We started building today! Everything was easy to access and read! Definitely recommend!"

- Nichole

"The plan worked out perfectly! I hired guys to complete the build and they were able to get everything completed. Now it’s just a matter of my decorating the outside of their coop to make it look more homey. I’m so happy with my purchase! Thank you!"

- Darleen

"The chicken coop plans are very detailed and I was pleased with the quick transaction."

- Jacqueline

From Dream to Reality

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Our Story

Welcome! I'm Alysha, the creative mind behind Bee.Jeweled.Coop. Professionally, I'm a designer & entrepreneur but my heart has always been on our cozy family farm, surrounded by our furry and feathered friends. Taking inspiration from my childhood adventures, I transformed my small suburban backyard into a mini-farm oasis. Now, I invite you to create your own little backyard farm through Bee.Jeweled.Coop! Join me in discovering the ins and outs of chicken-keeping, bee-keeping, and micro-homesteading.

The Cornerstone

At Bee.Jeweled.Coop, my mission is to share the knowledge and practicality of chicken keeping, making it an attainable and enriching way of life for all, regardless of location. One of the cornerstones of our offerings is a functional and exquisitely designed chicken coop that seamlessly blends beauty and functionality. It provides a safe, inviting and easy-to-clean space for our feathered friends while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any backyard or suburban landscape.

Your Success

I wholeheartedly believe that our community thrives on mutual support. Offering elegant yet practical chicken coop building plans, along with sharing our journey in bee-keeping and gardening, I'm committed to supporting your journey towards a more self-reliant and enriching lifestyle.

Tips & Tutorials

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Accessorize Your Coop | Bee Jeweled Coop Essentials

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