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Article: Accessorize Your Coop | Bee Jeweled Coop Essentials

Accessorize Your Coop | Bee Jeweled Coop Essentials

Accessorize Your Coop | Bee Jeweled Coop Essentials

Our handpicked accessories and products are designed to boost the comfort, safety, and functionality of your chicken coop and run. From comfy bedding to top-notch surveillance systems, these essentials will make sure your feathered friends are well taken care of. Let’s dive into the must-have items that make our coop truly special.

Inside the Coop: Comfort and Security

Coconut Litter: Purchase Coconut Litter Here
A natural and eco-friendly option for keeping the coop floor and/or litter shelf clean and odor-free. Coconut litter is highly absorbent and easy to maintain.

Hemp Bedding & Nesting Pads: Get Hemp Bedding & Nesting Pads
Enjoy a 20% discount with code: BEEJEWELEDCOOP. Hemp bedding provides a soft and cozy environment for your chickens, ensuring their comfort and health.

Roosts and Brackets:

These sturdy roosts and brackets provide a perfect perch for your chickens to rest comfortably.

Candelier and LED Light Bulb:

Light up your coop with style using a chandelier and LED bulbs.

360 Solar Powered Camera: Get the Camera
Keep an eye on your flock with a solar-powered camera, ensuring their safety around the clock.

Thermometer/Hygrometer: Purchase Here
Monitor the temperature and humidity inside the coop to maintain optimal conditions for your chickens.

Tool Holders: Get Tool Holders
Keep your coop organized with handy tool holders for easy access to cleaning supplies and other essentials.

Wallpaper: Transform Your Coop
Add a touch of elegance to your coop with stylish wallpaper, enhancing the visual appeal of your chicken's home.

Locking Carabiner: Purchase Here
Ensure the security of your coop with a reliable locking carabiner, keeping predators out!

Grub Treats: Get Grub Treats
Treat your chickens to nutritious and delicious grub treats, promoting their health and happiness.

Coopourri™ Nesting Herbs: Purchase Here
Enhance your coop and nesting boxes with aromatic herbs, creating a soothing environment for you and your egg-laying hens.


In the Run: Efficient and Effective


Treadle Feeder: Purchase Here
Keep the feed accessible for chickens (but not rodents!) with a treadle feeder, which opens only when your chickens step on it.

Waterer: Get the Waterer
Ensure your chickens have a fresh supply of fresh water with an easy-to-clean waterer.

Calcium Feeder and Supplement:

Provide essential nutrients to your laying hens with a calcium feeder and supplement.

Run-Chicken Auto Door: Purchase Here
Enjoy 15% off with code BEEJEWELEDCOOP. Automate the opening and closing of your coop door! No more waking up early to let the chickens out or forgetting to close the door at night.

Run Camera: Get the Camera
Monitor the activity in the run with a reliable camera, ensuring your chickens are safe and secure.

First Saturday LimeGet First Saturday Lime
Use code BEEJEWELEDCOOP for $2 off. This natural product helps in keeping the coop and run clean and free from pests.


With our most-loved products, you'll enjoy the perfect blend of cleanliness, convenience and security for your beloved flock. Happy chicken keeping!


Disclaimer: Transparency matters! If you click on any links in this post and make a purchase, please know that we may have an affiliate connection with the company. This could mean we earn a commission. Thank you for your support ♥

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