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Chicken & Egg Charm Pendant

Sale price$48.00
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Created for chicken keepers and those who love these feathery friends.

Chickens have held a variety of meaning and symbolism throughout history -- from prosperity and abundance, fertility and even as fortune tellers.

Carved by hand from wax with a detailed hen on the front and surrounded with a decorative vintage inspired frame. On the back of the charm is an egg with a textured nest-like background.

Two-sided charm: Chicken (hen) carving on the front, egg carving on the back

• 16" - 20" 1mm cable chain (optional)

• Handmade in Sterling Silver. Polished with a soft matte brushed finish.

Chicken & Egg Charm Pendant
Chicken & Egg Charm Pendant Sale price$48.00

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"Jewelry design is not just my day job but my main creative expression. Through my designs, I aim to capture the essence of the modern homesteading lifestyle. Delicate chicken charms, elegant egg charms, whimsical bee charms, and a delightful strawberry charm come to life, celebrating our profound connection with the natural world." - Alysha