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XL Bee Jeweled Coop | Chicken Coop Building Plans | 12-25 Chickens

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The Bee.Jeweled.Coop XL is a larger version of our most loved, original Bee Jeweled Chicken Coop! This expanded version is perfect for raising 15-25 chickens in your backyard. With detailed instructions, you can build a sturdy and secure coop that will keep your feathered friends safe, happy, and healthy.

The coop building measures 8ft x 12ft, providing ample space for your chickens to roost and lay their eggs. The 20ft x 12ft covered run provides plenty of space for your chickens to explore while keeping them safe.

Here's what you can expect from our chicken coop plans:

Design: Our coop plans are designed to provide ample space for your chickens to move around and get fresh air while keeping them secure from predators. The design includes a secure nesting area, roosting space and a spacious run.

Materials: Our plans detail the materials you need to build the structure of your coop, including the required amounts of lumber needed for the project (not including trim and hardware). You can source these materials from your local home improvement store or lumberyard. If you're working on a budget like we were, you can source some materials second-hand from an online marketplace.

Instructions: The plans include clear diagrams and measurements and were designed with the intention of being helpful to visual builders.

Benefits: By building your own chicken coop using our plans, you'll save money over buying a pre-built coop, and you'll have the satisfaction of creating something yourself. Plus, you'll have fresh eggs from happy and healthy chickens!

Estimated total cost to build: $2500-$3000 (depending on location, roofing & siding material, trim and hardware)

Our chicken coop plans are suitable for both intermediate DIY enthusiasts and professional builders, providing guidance to construct a visually appealing and practical coop that your chickens will adore.

Exactly what is included?

• 33 digital drawings to get an in-depth look at the structure and measurements.

• Building instructions and personal notes from us.

• Material & cut lists

NOTE: Think of these plans as the blueprint for constructing a house. Similar to building plans, they don't contain instructions for shingle application, decorative trim, hardware, tools, paint, or roosting bars. These are personal details that you can add based on your own preferences and the specific needs of your chicken coop.

*international customers please note that plan measurements are imperial, not metric.

XL Bee Jeweled Coop | Chicken Coop Building Plans | 12-25 Chickens
XL Bee Jeweled Coop | Chicken Coop Building Plans | 12-25 Chickens Sale price$29.99

Customer Reviews

Based on 30 reviews

We just completed our build and we are just in love! It was easy to follow with lots of diagrams. Alicia was so quick to respond with questions and corrections. Highly highly recommend. Our chicky girls are loving it!


Plans are very detailed and helpful


It is Amazing! Very detailed


It is Great detailed instructions!


The coop plans are good, however, there are some errors in the dimensions called out. And there are some quantities that are not correct.