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Article: The Ultimate Setup Guide for Raising Happy, Healthy Baby Chicks

The Ultimate Setup Guide for Raising Happy, Healthy Baby Chicks

The Ultimate Setup Guide for Raising Happy, Healthy Baby Chicks

Raising baby chicks into thriving, healthy adult chickens is a rewarding journey that begins with the right setup. Whether you're embarking on this adventure for the first time or looking to improve your chick-raising game, having all the necessary equipment is crucial for your little ones' survival and well-being. Here's your go-to checklist for caring for your new feathered friends.


1. Brooder: Crafting a Cozy Nest

A brooder serves as a safe, controlled environment for baby chicks, offering warmth and protection in their first 6-8 weeks of life. I love this compact and easy-to-clean small animal cage on Amazon. I particularly love the side door on this cage. It makes your interactions with the chicks less scary for them. Chickens are naturally afraid of 'things' grabbing them from above (think hawks!) so it's always best to handle them from the side. 

You can also get creative and make your own. A DIY approach involves using a 55-gallon deck tote as a base and crafting a screened lid from hardware cloth to prevent any adventurous jumps. This option is great if you have more than 4 chicks and allows for customization to fit your space and flock size perfectly.


2. Brooder Bedding: Dry & Comfortable

For the brooder's substrate, consider using hemp bedding for its superior absorbency and low dust, which is healthier for your chicks. This hemp bedding is an excellent choice, providing a comfortable and clean environment for your growing chicks.


3. Feeder and Waterer: The Essentials 

Proper nutrition and hydration are the pillars of chick health. This feeder and waterer are designed for easy access, minimizes mess and ensures your chicks are well-fed and hydrated. Include hanging straps for the feeder to adjust the height as your chicks grow, keeping their food clean and accessible.


4. Start Them Right: Nutritious Feed

The foundation of good health is quality nutrition. The Scratch & Peck Chick Feed Starter Bundle offers your chicks a wholesome start with organic, non-GMO feed, chick grit to aid in digestion and a side of herbs for immune support. This bundle supplies all the essential nutrients for their early development.


5. Stay Hydrated: Sav-a-Chick

Chicks, much like humans, can benefit from electrolytes to stay hydrated, especially under stress or in heat. Sav-a-chick electrolytes are perfect for supporting hydration and overall health, ensuring your chicks thrive from the start. Mix the electrolytes with water and offer it as soon as you get your chicks home. Replace electrolyte water daily. 


6. Monitor Conditions: Thermometer Hygrometer



For those keeping their chicks in outdoor setups, like a barn or garage, monitoring temperatures is important. The internal temperature of the brooder should be kept around 95°F (35°C) for the first week of the chicks' lives, and reduced by approximately 5°F each week thereafter. External temperatures can impact your ability to maintain these conditions.

The goal is to create a stable, comfortable environment for your chicks that supports their health and well-being, regardless of what the weather outside is doing. Regular checks with this thermometer hygrometer can alert you to any necessary adjustments.


7. Safe Introductions: Integration Cage

Introducing baby chicks to an existing flock can be challenging. This integration cage offers a safe space for chicks within the run, allowing for gradual and safe introductions. Elevate the cage after a week to let chicks venture out with a secure retreat when needed.


Embarking on a chick-raising journey is exciting! By ensuring you have the right setup from the start, you're not just offering your chicks a place to grow; you're laying the groundwork for a healthy, happy flock for years to come. The key to successful chicken keeping is preparation, patience, and plenty of love. Here's to a fantastic start with your new fluffy additions!


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