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Article: Bee Jeweled Coop Essentials: Selecting the Best Hardware and Accessories for Your Coop

Bee Jeweled Coop Essentials: Selecting the Best Hardware and Accessories for Your Coop

Bee Jeweled Coop Essentials: Selecting the Best Hardware and Accessories for Your Coop

Security, Comfort, and Style for Your Coop

We're committed to offering functional and esthetically pleasing homes for your feathered friends -- Every detail matters! In this blog, I'm sharing the essential hardware and accessories that make our coop a secure and inviting home.

If you're building the Bee Jeweled Coop with our building plans, the number of items needed to complete the build is listed under "Quantity Required".


Latches & Locks


1. Black Wrought Iron Hasp Latch: These 4-inch latches add rustic elegance to all essential doors.
QUANTITY REQUIRED: 4 | nesting box doors (2), coop door (1), run door (1)
Check them out here.


    2. Carabiner Clips for Enhanced Security: Paired with our hasp latches, these unique clips with a locking feature offer an additional layer of protection.
    QUANTITY REQUIRED: 4 | 1 for each hasp latch above
    Check them out here.

    carabiner clips for chicken coop

    3. Slide Locks for Nesting Box Doors & Windows: These Latch Locks help keep nesting box doors and coop windows shut.
    QUANTITY REQUIRED: 6 | nesting box doors (2), coop windows (4)
    Available here.

    slide locks for chicken coop


      Door Hinges

      1. T Hinges for Nesting Box Doors: 4 inches in size, these hinges provide durability and aesthetic appeal.
      QUANTITY REQUIRED: 4 | nesting box doors (2 for each door)
      Available here.

      4 inch hinge for nesting box coop


      2. Larger T Hinges for Coop and Run Doors: The 6-inch T Hinges support heavier doors with elegance and strength.
      QUANTITY REQUIRED: 6 | coop door (3), run door (3)
      Find them here.

      6 inch hinge for chicken coop



        1. Pull Handles for Nesting Box & Coop Doors: 6 inches in size, these hinges help open and close nesting box and coop doors.
        QUANTITY REQUIRED: 4 | nesting box doors (2), coop door (1), run door (1)
        Available here.

        handles for chicken coop


        Window Hinges

        Shutter Door Hinges for Window Doors: These hinges ensure smooth operation and a sleek look for window doors.
        QUANTITY REQUIRED: 8 | 2 for each window shutter
        See them here.

        window hinges for coop




          Plant Bracket Hooks

          FEED GARDEN Hanging Plant Brackets: These hangers allow you to add plants around your coop, enhancing the beauty and environmental enrichment.
          QUANTITY REQUIRED: 3 - 5
          Available here.

          plant bracket hooks for chicken coop


            Enhancing Your Coop with Additional Accessories

            1. Govee Bluetooth Hygrometer Thermometer: Monitor your coop's climate from up to 262 feet away. A must-have for maintaining optimal conditions.
              Find it here.
            2. Rechargeable Battery Powered Light Bulbs with Remote: No power in your coop? Totally fine! These battery powered light bulbs offer convenience for checking on your flock at night.
              Check them out here.
            3. Solar Cameras: Keep an eye on your flock with these solar-powered security cameras featuring color night vision.
              Available here.
            4. Run-Chicken Automatic & Solar Powered Door: Simplify chicken care with this automatic door.
              Get a 10% discount with code BEEJEWELEDCOOP here.


            Every piece of hardware and accessory we choose for our Bee Jeweled Coop was tested for quality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. From the security of our locks and hinges to the convenience and comfort provided by our accessories, every detail is thoughtfully curated to create the ultimate haven for your chickens. Stay tuned for more insights and innovations from Bee Jeweled Coop!

            Disclaimer: Transparency matters! If you click on any links in this post and make a purchase, please know that we may have an affiliate connection with the company. This could mean we earn a commission. Thank you for your support ♥



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